Shoenberg Farms

The Local Foods Campus starts at Historic Shoenberg Farms, located at the NW corner of Sheridan and 72nd in south Westminster. The remaining historic buildings will be refurbished and transformed, housing the local foods Processing and Packaging Facility; Educational Facilities; Local Foods Business Accelerator and Incubator; Commercial Kitchen; Greenhouses; and Event Center.

Local Foods Retail Center

The retail center will have local foods and goods for sale, a full service local foods dining area, conference room, cooking display area, and local foods producer display area. The retail center allows local shoppers to shop and interact with the local food producers in a convenient, year round, indoor environment.

Student-based educational facilities

Student-based educational facilities will train students in the growth, processing, management and culinary arts of all things local food. From high school students to graduate level education, the Local Foods Campus will create a hands on experience in state of the art facilities. From growing local food, to learning the preparation and presentation of fine foods in the culinary arts profession, the Local Food Campus prepares our next generation of food entrepreneurs for success.


State of the Art facilities will meet the highest food quality demands. A refurbished processing facility will be the central hub to create, store, and distribute quality local foods for the Rocky Mountains. Through this facility, we will begin to satisfy the exponentially increasing demand for local food.

Local Foods Company Incubator/Accelerator

Bringing together the best and the brightest local foods entrepreneurs. The Campus provides an open environment for those working on the success of local food to share their thoughts, experiences, and successes with others in the industry, creating a stronger collective in the local food space.

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